Guest curators autumn 2017

ID invited independent artists Amy Voris and Sarah Spies to guest curate the autumn 2017 classes and workshops programme.
Amy and Sarah bring an understanding of ID’s work and community as well as a specific interest in curation to bear on their approach for the term; the conversations with them have been wonderfully rich and exciting.

“As guest curators we wanted to foreground curation as a creative process and how creative movement practices might be deeply connected to curatorial practices.
The overlap between movement practice and creative process is at the heart of ID’s programme.  For the autumn season, we want to explore and situate this overlap through the framework of curation as artistic practice.  We are curious about how the facilitation of movement practice is a creative, curatorial process and how curatorial processes might be intrinsic to a broad scope of dance practices (such as improvising, performing, composing, collaborating, facilitating, relating and organising).

Particular themes that we are drawn to within expanded curation include, curation as:


giving space






holding and letting go







The curation is part of a larger ongoing investigation for us, the Soft Edges Series, a research project that holds choreographic-movement practices and curation as contingent constellations, which bring together people, movement and ideas at the soft edges of art-making practice.  Here, the creative facilitation of movement practice is inherently curatorial as it swerves between the organisation of emergent artistic processes and the caretaking of form.”