ID Team

Heni Hale  –   Co-Director (0.5)

Henrietta Hale sets the overall artistic direction for Independent Dance, and develops the year-round programme in collaboration with the ID team, artists and partner organisations. She also develops opportunities and partnerships for Independent Dance relating to H.E.

Henrietta is an independent artist, working as a choreographer, performer, researcher and educator in diverse contexts with a collaborative focus, with dancers, musicians, film-makers and visual artists. Much of her work has been realised as co-director of Dog Kennel Hill Project, a collective company of performance makers with Rachel Lopez de la Nieta and Ben Ash. They produce and tour work for theatres, screen, galleries and non-traditional sites in the UK and internationally, working with a range of partners such as Dance4 with whom they were associate artists 2010-2014, Dance Umbrella, Modern Art Oxford, Whitechapel Gallery, The Barbican, Imagine Watford Festival, and Stour Valley Arts.
As well as teaching professional classes she was a regular lecturer in dance technique, choreography and performance at Trinity Laban Conservatoire for Music and Dance, and choreographed for a variety of groups in higher education.
Henrietta’s practice involves experimentation and play drawing from experiential anatomy, yoga training, and improvisation methods, as well as studies in psychology, in particular social interaction and processes of attention and perception. Currently her interests lie in unpicking how and where dance gets valued, from its processes of production and making, to its realisation in relation to an audience.
Henrietta performed as a collaborative dancer for fifteen years with companies and artists including Ricochet Dance Productions, Rosemary Lee, Angela Woodhouse, Yolande Snaith Theatredance, and Russell Maliphant. 

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Nikki Tomlinson  –  Co-Director (0.8)

Nikki Tomlinson provides executive direction for Independent Dance across organisational, creative and financial work.

Nikki is a producer and dramaturg with a background in curation and performance-making. Over the past 20 years she has developed interests in performance, participation, social justice and interdisciplinarity, advocacy for and with artists and widening access in every sense to experimental work. Her previous roles include Lead Artist Advisor/Producer at Artsadmin, Programme Manager and later co-chair of Chisenhale Dance Space. Prior to this she worked as ESOL Lecturer/Refugee Support Worker at Hackney Community College.

Alongside her role with ID she continues to work freelance, supporting choreographers and visual artists to produce projects across the UK and internationally as well as developing her practice as a dramaturg. She is currently producing projects by artists Florence Peake and Nic Conibere, and working with choreographer Simone Mousset as dramaturg. Nikki is a Trustee of Home Live Art.

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Claudia Tonietto  –  Programme Co-ordinator (0.6)

Claudia Tonietto supports the co-directors, administers the projects, events and on-going work of the organisation, and is the first point of contact for ID participants, contracted artists and the general public.

Claudia is a graduate of the University of Surrey’s BA Dance course, and Mapdance – MA Performance: Dance course at University of Chichester. Artists and choreographers she has worked with include Francis Angol, Liz Aggiss, Didy Veldman, José Agudo, Anthony Missen (Company Chameleon), Florence Peake, Pablo Bronstein, Jean Johnson-Jones. Claudia has taken part in projects spanning live performances to interdisciplinary projects, including working with motion capture technology, photography, film and digital media. Much of her research and artistic interests draw from philosophical enquiries and their relevance to dance and movement.

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Jay Yule  –   Communications Assistant (0.2)

Jay Yule supports the communications and marketing of the ID programme including looking after our social media channels.

Jay also works as a dance performer, choreographer and producer. Her work with dance artists Jo Fong, Theo Clinkard and Luca Silvestrini has fed into her creative practice, as well as her experience in puppetry, opera and immersive theatre. Jay is a member of the Yonis, a girl band crossing art forms, encouraging fellow women to take space and make noise. The content of her work is influenced by feminist philosophies, is of an existential nature and attempts to re-adress the audience and performer relationship. Jay creates a bi-monthly zine called Viva La Vulva with creative partner Leah Airey. This zine is created at live workshops with the aim of bringing people together, encouraging collective creativity and challenging the hierarchies of printed publication. Jay tries to foster an inclusivity into the way she creates, making art which can be viewed by anyone with the hope of imparting a sense of activism from watching or taking part.


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Since 2006 ID and SDD have jointly hosted 30-week placements from University of Surrey’s BA Dance and Culture programme. We value that many of those who have done placements with us continue their relationship with ID in one way or another.

Mary Adams, Jonathan Lui, Claudia Tonietto, Sarah Teasdale, Georgina Batchelor, Alana Jones, Rachel Gildea, Julie Havelund, Siân Goldby, Dawn Threadkill, Iris Chan


ID would not be the same without the support of its dedicated volunteers.
Ambassadors support ID events and are advocates of the organisation in their professional lives.

Our first cohort of Ambassadors started in 2011: Helka Kaski, Margarita Zafrilla Olayo, Rachel Gomme, Rosalie Wahlfrid

and new Ambassadors who have joined the group since 2013: Iris Chan, Rachel Gildea, Julie Havelund, Stephanie Townsend, Siân Goldby, Claudia Tonietto, Ella Tighe, Sumi Xiaoméi Cheng, Clare Brzezicki



2011-2012 Janine Harrington