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On this page we have drawn together a number of documents connected with our activities, as well as some articles that we hope you will find to be of interest:

About ID

A 2007 publication by Gill Clarke, edited by Ian Bramley, that looks back at 17 years of ID’s existence.

Supporting, Stimulating, Sustaining

Articles and Project documents
The contents of these downloads may contain personal views, which are not the views of ID, unless specifically stated otherwise.

* contacting * improvising * essay by Dr Adesola Akinleyecommissioned by Independent Dance in preparation for ID’s HE Roundtable Recognising Institutional Racism in Our Classroom, chaired by Dr Adesola Akinleye with Henrietta Hale (co-director, ID) in September 2020

Travelling Rather Than Arriving by Kirsty Alexander with Gitta Wigro published in One Dance UK magazine (Issue 2 Spring 2017)

Mind Is As In Motion by Gill Clarke

Mentoring Lab 2014 documentation

Intelligent Evolution by Frey Faust

During WinLab 2013, ID hosted Emilyn Claid’s Falling About research lab. The report of this weekend is available here:
Falling About research lab 2013 – Emilyn Claid