MA/MFA Creative Practice: Programme Content

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Programme Content

The pathway through the Programme comprises a taught element of four modules, and a final independent Project module. Study is structured to allow the skills and experience of the individual student to flourish and for new skills and insights to be gained.

Full descriptions of all modules are available on the Module Menu on the Trinity Laban website.

Core modules include Research Lab and an in-depth independent research Project undertaken at Trinity Laban. This may take the form of a performance, a lecture demonstration, a written dissertation, or a mixed mode project.

Delivered by Independent Dance at Siobhan Davies Studios, the Embodied Practice module aims to deepen and extend your embodied understanding of your own movement practice, to consider this within a wide cross-disciplinary framework of enquiry, and give you the opportunity to research your own area of interest. Building on this, the subsequent module called Investigative Practice is an intensive creative project, allowing you to challenge your own making/performing/research through an encounter with the practice and ideas of an artist/choreographer of international significance such as Siobhan Davies, Rosemary Lee, or an international guest.

Programme Aims

> To provide professional development opportunities for you as a graduate of dance, performing arts or humanities programmes, and to support you in deepening, extending, interrogating and challenging your embodied creative practice

> To develop you as a reflective practitioner who is critically aware of the reciprocity of theory and practice, thereby promoting standards of excellence in your dance practice, and preparing you for employment.

> To enable you to explore and reflect upon dance practice in its many forms, taking account of the social, cultural, aesthetic and political contexts in which performance practice is located.

> To encourage you to make links across various approaches to and perspectives on practice, and to locate your own practice within a wider contemporary artistic and cultural context

> To develop your ability to address complex issues creatively and systematically, as well as the ability to problem-solve in a variety of artistic contexts through the engagement in practice based research, including collaborative projects.

> To develop your potential for a range of practices in or associated with dance and research-based activity.