Research Space

Research Space is a new strand to ID’s programme that creates bespoke formats with artists, to open up their research through dancing, making and discussion.
We work with artists whose process has reached point where testing and exploring it with others is of benefit to their work and to the artform.

Each Research Space is collaboratively designed with the artist in relation to the questions they explore, the participants whom it might engage, and the economic model it most appropriately takes, within the context that ID can offer.

How does the dancer speak?
A Research Space led by Katye Coe

With a strong belief that dancing matters and can speak boldly into political and social arenas, Katye proposes that the time in which dance is a vehicle for change has already begun….

This lab is for people who have recent and / or significant experience as a professional dance performer; it is not limited to any particular style or context for dance, with the clear aim that people from different fields, genres, cultural contexts and work situations will attend and form a weekend community.

Katye invites dancers to share her research and questions:
What does the experience of dancing bring when it is spoken?
Why and how does this body of experience matter?

The weekend will consist of a series of proposals in the studio and beyond. These proposals will be encountered as a group, through activities of dancing, talking, sharing food and finding the written word. It will also include an informal, discursive exchange with invited members of the public on Sunday afternoon.

Over the last year Katye has been a Torchlight artist at Siobhan Davies Dance where this research has developed.

Level: Professional dance artists and movement practitioners
Date and times:
Sat 18 May | 12pm – 6pm
Sun 19 May | 10am – 5pm
Price: Flat fee £80
Booking: Click here to fill out a booking form, or call 020 7091 9650 to make the payment