Research Lab with Philippe Blanchard : Artificial Facts

Image: Philippe Blanchard

Monday 12 – Friday 16 July

11am – 5pm
Middlesex University

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Everything possible to be believed is an image of truth (William Blake)

As part of Kinesthesia Festival in partnership with Middlesex University, internationally-renowned Philippe Blanchard leads a research space combing somatic practices with questions about spectatorship. Using the camera and projector as mediating tools, this research raises questions about the view that one places on others and subtly questions viewers’ rights and obligations to act and react.

This workshop will involve practical, experiential combination of embodied moving, connecting to skeletal structures and bodily systems; playful seeing and witnessing; and using the technology as a tool to question somatic meaning-making.

“I consider this approach as a research laboratory around a practice, where our questions are summarised in the role of the viewer and the democracy between the viewer and the performer. What are the responsibilities of each? Does the artist have much more power than their audience? Can we accept as a viewer to be a witness, a voyeur, an observer attending an anticipated event or occasionally accept to play a role that is more debatable and controversial? What role does an artist offer to an audience?” Philippe Blanchard

This Research Lab is intended for people with broad movement experience who are interested in research and spectatorship.