Research Space | 2020

Research Space is a new strand to ID’s programme that creates bespoke formats with artists, to open up their research through dancing, making and discussion.
We work with artists whose process has reached point where testing and exploring it with others is of benefit to their work and to the artform.

Each Research Space is collaboratively designed with the artist in relation to the questions they explore, the participants whom it might engage, and the economic model it most appropriately takes, within the context that ID can offer.

Research Space: Psyche, a practice of new research
With Hagit Yakira
Sat 22 – Sun 23 Feb 2020 | 10am – 5pm

Image: Codafest, Article19

Level: Open to all
Date and times:
Sat 22 – Sun 23 Feb 2020 | 10am – 5pm
Price: Flat fee £80
Booking: Click below to fill out a booking form, or call 020 7091 9650 to make the payment

Points of departure evolve from terms such as femininity, aging, visibility, relevance, empathy, forced\abused empathy, responding, claiming, letting go.

Hagit Yakira revisits the myth of Psyche, a mortal woman on a journey of self-knowledge in seeking true love with the god Amor, with reference to psychoanalytic perspectives.

The theme of the workshop\research will be the idea of responding. We will be responding through different physical explorations, alone or together, to elements which can\might\should link to the force\energy\quality of the feminine. Probably also wondering what the feminine is, and why it is important in our social and artistic landscape of today.

The search is physical; it is the body. The body in motion, in relations, as a listening\transformative entity. The body as an ear and a text. Hagit invites those interested in meeting, responding, improvising, wondering, and at times (maybe many times) getting a bit lost.
The workshop is open to all.

Flat fee £80