Parlour Conversations

3 – 7 September 2018 | 10am ‑ 12 noon

A series of exchanges to sound out and share what propels our practice.

Monday 3 Sep: Writing as making
We’ll discuss how creative writing falls into our practice, and an invitation to share our writing with others.

Tuesday 4 Sep: Navigating your artistic identity
How do we maintain our identities as movers, and how do we balance nurturing ourselves and our practices with earning money.

Wednesday 5 Sep: “Somatic practice is good for you”
A morning to unpick assumptions about somatic practices and to question and rediscover their value to us as diverse individuals.

Thursday 6 Sep: PhD surVIVA
A space for current and prospective PhD candidates to meet and share experiences of interweaving practice and academia.

Friday 7 Sep: Who is ‘the public’?
Whom do we picture when we say ‘the public’? Do we reach those we want to reach? In developing specificity in our practice, how do we avoid existing a bubble outside of which sits a ‘public’.


10am – 12 noon
Free, booking is advised
To book please book online, call 020 7091 9650 or email