Matters Arising

Matters Arising was a discussion platform, addressing pressing topics in the practices of contemporary dance, choreography and performance. Siobhan Davies Dance and Independent Dance hosted four Matters Arising events between in 2019-20 :
#1: Who are ‘we’?
5 February 2019

How does dance and choreography function as a site for solidarity among artists and audiences in a time of polarisation and dissolution? How do these practices account for and address the structural and political conditions that they are part of? Might the sustainability and relevance of this art form require recognition of divisions and distinctions among artists and audiences?

The ‘Long Table’ discussion format allows everyone present equal permission and agency to shape the conversation. It was conceived by artist Lois Weaver; for more information visit

#2: What is visible?
11 April 2019
The second Matters Arising conversation considers the nature of visibility in a time when image and access really counts.
What does it mean for an artist or their practice to be visible? What relationships to audiences do artists and organisations invite? How can we value practices or processes that are invisible, due to systemic factors or by choice? What are the differences between being given visibility, gaining visibility and inviting being seen? Who is important in the act of making other than the artist? 

This discussion further addresses questions developing from our first Matters Arising discussion, Who are we?

#3: Decoding power dynamics 
10 September 2019
Resources are limited and individuals and groups are responsible for allocating them. There are never enough funds, tour dates, residencies, time or attention to go around, and distribution of these resources shapes the cultural field, for better or worse. Resource distribution is a form of power.
We want to take a closer look to see what those dynamics are made of, and how they act negatively and positively. What if the gatekeepers disappeared? What is gained and what is lost without them? What might appear in their place? When does a new, disruptive force itself become a gatekeeper? Is there another way?

#4: Where are we? 
10 March 2020
Taking stock: where are we after Brexit, after four of these conversations, as we embark on a new decade?