Gill Clarke’s Day 2016

1989-90_C_highgill15 November 2016

Join us for a day that celebrates the remarkable work of former ID co director Gill Clarke and her continued legacy. The day includes live performance, recorded talks, a film collaboration between Gill and Becky Edmunds, space for reading and discussion, morning class and Crossing Borders.

Gill died on 15 November 2011 after many years of living with cancer at home with help from Her vision and ethical commitment continue to underpin ID’s work today.


Morning class with Charlotte Darbyshire

In these morning classes, we will develop a daily enquiry into how our unique body functions, feels and moves. We will use visualisation, focused touch, exploratory movement and dialogue to gain a deeper understanding of our cellular body, from the boundary of the skin to the deep support of the organs.
Having dived into our inner worlds, we will then play with different holding forms and performance practices to explore how this deeper connection to self, supports us to build a clearer and more conscious relationship with the world around us.

Gill’s Library in the Parlour

A selection of books and resources from Gill’s library will be available in the Parlour, alongside PAL movement and meaning talks. Come to read, reflect, dream, share and discuss.

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Performances by My Johansson, Helka Kaski & Rosalie Wahlfrid

Performances by some of the dance artists who were influenced by and worked with Gill during her career.

Crossing Borders talk: Lessons with a Curious Equal

With Kirsty Alexander, Kathy Crick, Charlotte Darbyshire and Laura Glaser

A team of teachers who have worked with Gill during her many years of dedicated teaching at Laban present their perspectives and experiences of Gill’s visionary educational work for dance artists.They discuss Gill’s pedagogical approach and her educational influence, and the Fundamental Skills module in particular. At the heart of the module was Gill’s rigorous and playful approach to learning that infused perceptual processes leading students onto journeys of discovery and also challenged their expectations of contemporary dance training in higher education. For Crossing Borders, teachers who worked with Gill on the design and teaching of this module come together to reflect on this aspect of Gill’s vision both from an artistic and pedagogical perspective. This talk is a new iteration of a presentation given at the IDOCDE Symposium at Impulstanz in 2013, which also included Henrietta Hale and Amy Voris.
Read more about the Crossing Borders talk here.
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Stones and Bones, a film by Becky Edmunds

Stones and Bones was originally a four screen installation developed for The Choreographic Lab at Nottingham University in 2008. Using footage shot during a week-long exploratory workshop at Chisenhale, Gill Clarke worked with filmmaker Becky Edmunds and composer Scott Smith to explore ways to compose the footage with the aim of emphasising the innate intelligence of the dancing body. Stones and Bones has been remade as a single screen work in memory of Gill.
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