Feedback Forum

After more than a decade of running the Feedback Forum events, ID decided to move on to a new format, which we will announce later in 2017.
Siobhan Davies Dance has adopted (and adapted) the format for its youth group, as the Young Artists Feedback Forum.

Here is the archive text for ID’s Feedback Forum: 

These choreographic feedback studio sessions are an opportunity for professional choreographers to show work at any stage in its process, to get appropriate feedback in the process of developing their work. The sessions are led by an experienced facilitator, following Liz Lerman’s Critical Response Process.

Feedback Forum sessions are programmed in response to demand from interested choreographers. There is a simple application form to submit, where you will be asked about the areas of discussion you would like to open up when receiving feedback, any particular questions you have about your work, where it is in its development and if it is suitable for a studio sharing. A small fee is charged as a contribution towards space hire.

We are currently reviewing the nature of our Feedback Forums, specifically looking into collaborations with partnership organisations. For now we will not be programming a Feedback Forum, but we will still be accepting applications of interest for when we have reviewed how we will hold these sessions.



This event is free but booking is essential. To book, please email