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Listen to the talks from Crossing Borders 2010

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Becky Edmunds, Claudia Kappenberg and Lucy Cash What If… we could view all this as dance
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Barak Marshall The Politics of Dance
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Lauren Potter and Scott Smith The Performers’ Perspective
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Ros Warby Creating work from the practice of performance

Listen to the talks from Crossing Borders 2009

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Nik Haffner
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Lucy Cash
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Willi Dorner
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Raimund Hoghe & Franko B
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Rosemary Lee
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Sarah Whatley
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Ruth Little & Siobhan Davies
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Tere O’Connor

29 September 2009 | Websites and clip-links from lecture by Nik Haffner
OVNI archive in Barcelona, also biannual festival: video art, independent documentary, and mass media archeology
PRATICABLE (Alice Chauchat, Frédéric de Carlo, Frédéric Gies, Isabelle Schad, Odile Seitz)
Sweet And Tender Collaborations
Katrin Deufert and Thomas Plischke – developed a workshop format that uses shared notebooks in a rotating system. Tumay Kilencel (dance student from Berlin) gave a short report from her experience of a workshop with Deufert/ Plischke earlier this year
2009 online project – developed by Forsythe together with artists and scientists from different disciplines and departments of the Ohio State University.
During the lecture we looked at Counterpoint Tool
Filmmaker Artavaz Pelishian – during the lecture we watched parts of his films: Earth of People and Inhabitants

Other film-clips watched during the lecture
Peeping Tom by Michael Powell (UK 1960), scene with Moira Shearer
Cien Muchachas by Jaime Salvador (Mexico 1957), scene with two women watching two men dancing
Simple Men by Hal Hartley (US 1992)
Bande a parte by Jean-Luc Godard (France 1964):
Cría Cuervos / Raising Ravens by Carlos Saura (Spain 1975), scene with three children dancing

17 November 2009 – Website links from lecture by Sarah Whatley
Siobhan Davies Replay
Synchronous Objects for One Flat Thing, reproduced by William Forsythe
Inside Movement Knowledge
Siobhan Davies Archive>The Kitchen>Birdsong
Liz Lerman Dance Exchange Online Toolbox