Independent Dance’s programme of classes enables a wide range of practices, ideas and approaches to be transmitted and developed through artists’ exchange on a daily basis. Classes are led by artists with an expanded notion of what dance can be; a reciprocal, un-fixed and questioning approach is key to the overall ethos of ID’s programme. It includes artists based across the UK, many of international renown. With each week led by a different artist, the programme is rich and varied. We continually welcome new artists to teach class; please get in touch if you would like to have a conversation around this.

The programme provide a continuity of provision for professionals and an opportunity for non-professionals to engage with the practices and ideas of  leading artists from across the UK. As such, the class programme is a core part of the dance ecology.

ID’s programme is open to disabled and non-disabled practitioners. Our work is not based on a normative view of the human body, and we strive at all times to create a context where artists with disabilities work as equal participants. We learn about this continually from the artists with whom we work.

We are in conversation with artists to plan for the Autumn, and are continuously assessing what is possible as the situation evolves. Keep following our social media and newsletter and we’ll announce more plans soon!

Summer 2020 programme:

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Morning Class (currently being offered through ID ONLINE)

27 Apr – 1 May    Eve Stainton
4 – 7 May              Samir Kennedy
11 – 15 May         Alexandrina Hemsley
18 – 22 May         Joe Moran
26 – 29 May          Luke Birch
01 – 05 Jun           Susanna Recchia
08 – 12 Jun           Stefan Jovanovic
15 – 19 Jun           Mary Pearson
22 – 26 Jun           Gaby Agis
29 Jun – 3 Jul        Sherwood Chen

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Monday Night Improvisation (now cancelled due to Covid-19)

27 Apr          Rebecca Mackenzie
04 May         Simonetta Alessandri    
11 May         Kate Hilder
18 May         Adriana Pegorer
25 May         (Bank Holiday)
01 Jun           Jovair Longo
08 Jun           Bisola Bello
15 Jun           Mary Pearson
22 Jun           Kate Brown
29 Jun           Colleen Bartley

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About the classes

Our programme aims to go beyond the maintenance of physical condition and technical skill, to promote mindful and efficient practice and to embrace a holistic approach to participants’ ongoing development as  artists.

This philosophy extends beyond training into the wider spheres of interaction, collaboration and innovative approaches to the management of portfolio careers as performers, teachers, viewers and creators of work.