ID’s class programme enables a wide range of practices, ideas and approaches to be transmitted and developed through artistic exchange. Morning classes for experienced practitioners run daily Monday – Friday while Monday Night Improvisation is open to all levels.

Led by artists of international renown, the programme offers opportunities to engage with a wide range of practices, and with an expanded notion of what dance can be. A reciprocal, non-normative, un-fixed and questioning approach is key to the overall ethos. We also welcome new teaching artists all the time; please feel welcome to get in touch if this interests you.

Due to Covid-19, our class programme is now being offered in various online/recorded modes until we can safely work in the studio again. 

This Summer term, as part of Morning Classes, we are revisiting some online resources and class recordings from the past year. This is for the first 5 weeks of term, while MA/MFA Creative Practice takes place. In the second half of term, we are really delighted to welcome Seke Chimutengwende as guest curator: click here to read more about Seke’s curation. Monday Night Improvisation runs throughout the term in a range of formats.

Advance booking is required for all classes due to the need for online booking in the current circumstances.

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Image credit from top left clockwise: Gerrard Martin, video still from State of Our Union | Yumino Seki, photo James Roseveare | ‘Constellations’ by Stefan Jovanović, featuring Katye Coe, photo Camilla Greenwell | Bisola Bello, photo Tamata Ferriari \ Sten Rudstrom, photo David Beecroft

Summer 2021 programme:

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Morning Class
(for experienced practitioners)


26 Apr-09 May  Stefan Jovanovic
03-16 May          Eva Karczag
10-23 May          Alexandrina Hemsley

Curated by Seke Chimutengwende*

01-04 Jun          Charlie Ashwell 
07-11 Jun          Fernanda Muñoz-Newsome 
14-18 Jun          Laila Diallo 
21-25 Jun          Akeim Toussaint Buck
28 Jun-2 Jul      Charlotte Spencer 

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Monday Night Improvisation
(open to all levels of experience)

26 Apr        Rebecca Mackenzie
03 May       BANK HOLIDAY
10 May       Sten Rudstrøm
17 May       Gerrard Martin
24 May       Zoë Solomons
31 May       BANK HOLIDAY
07 Jun        Robert Anderson
14 Jun        Bisola Bello
21 Jun        Yumino Seki
28 Jun        Matthew Harding 

*A preview of Seke Chimutengwende’s curatiorial vision for his programme:
Ways of being: approaches to choreographic practice
Five artists bring choreographic practices, materials and questions into the frame of the morning class. Taking choreography as way of being in the world, an approach to living, moving and thinking, each artist will offer an embodied insight into their past, present and future choreographic processes. 

This programme of classes will take place in parts outdoors as well as online and, as soon as regulations allow, we very much look forward to being back at Siobhan Davies Studios.
All online classes on Zoom have automated live captioning.