What if…2010

What if… also takes place throughout the Siobhan Davies Studios with affiliated talks in Brighton, and is comprised of installed film and video works, film screenings and live performance. The festival responds through the perspective of dance artists working with the moving image, to recent thinking about choreography as an expanded field – of the choreographic as something that can be separated from dance and dancing and that involves unique ways of thinking to do with structure and a sense of embodiment.

The film and video works chosen, whether or not choreographic in their origin, intersect with these ideas as well as exploring shifts in perception, acts of translation, performance strategies and an embodied sense of place. The live performance creates a space on the border of dance and live art and reflects the influence of image-based technology on choreographic thinking as well as unique sensibilities which cross between borders.

What if… is curious about the role of writing in relation to this field and has commissioned 10 writers to respond to the works exhibited in the festival. Writers will be creating their responses during the festival itself, folding their responses into the proceedings with either performance or text-based presentations.

Extending beyond London, What if… opens with two talks / screenings at Lighthouse in Brighton hosted by South East Dance. Lucy Cash, Becky Edmunds, Claudia Kappenberg and Chirstinn Whyte will offer insight into their choreographic and moving-image practices and the ideas that have motivated the festival.