Walking with Water (Promenade 6)

A live performance by Chris Crickmay, Sylvia Hallett and Eva Karczag which is the latest in a numbered series of works entitled, ‘Promenade’.
Sunday 17 January | 5pm 

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Walking with Water
In this work, three artists from different art forms (movement, sound and visual art), present a collaborative piece that effectively dissolves the boundaries between the art forms it draws upon.

The performance is the outcome of a residency in rural Sweden – a land of lakes and forests. As suggested by the title, the theme of water dominates the work. What has emerged may possibly seem like a mix between an eccentric removal company and a dance, with sonic elements in which often incongruous events occur. The whole is intended to create a sense of place, which is partly real (a specific
location) and partly imagined (our own responses to that location). The piece is the latest in a numbered series of works entitled, ‘Promenade’.

The series embodies our shared interest in improvisation. As with all improvised work, the performers deliberately place themselves on a precarious edge of unpredictability in order to find something that feels alive and pertinent to the present moment. We hope that people who come to see it will engage with the spirit of playful exploration that lies at the heart of it.

Biographical Information
Chris Crickmay, originally trained as an architect – he is now an installation artist and writer,
specializing in interactive environments for performance in the context of art/dance
collaborations. Throughout his career he has taught art and design in universities and
colleges and independently taught collaborative practice in performance. He is co-author with
Miranda Tufnell of two books: Body, Space, Image: Notes Towards Improvisation and
Performance, Dance Books (1990) and A Widening Field: Journeys in Body and Imagination,
Dance Books (2004).

Sylvia Hallett works both as a composer and as an improviser, playing in many international
festivals since the late 1970s with musicians such as Lol Coxhill, David Toop, Clive Bell, Evan
Parker, Anna Homler, and plays with The London Improvisers Orchestra. She has toured with
the Young Vic and The Royal Shakespeare Company, composed music for many BBC Radio
dramas, and has worked with dancer/choreographers h2dance (Hanna Gillgren and Heidi
Rustgaard), Miranda Tufnell, Emilyn Claid, Jacky Lansley, Eva Karczag and Chris Crickmay,
and Suffolk-based, Wonderful Beast theatre. Recent work includes “Pneuma”, a collaboration
with Miranda Tufnell and David Ward, and h2dance’s “Staging Ages” working with performers
between 9 and 65.

Eva Karczag is an independent dance artist. She performs solo and collaborative work and
teaches, internationally. Many of her collaborations involve links across the arts. A member of
the Trisha Brown Dance Company (1979-85), she continues to teach through the company
education programme in New York and elsewhere. Through her travels, performances and
teaching in both the United States and Europe, she positions herself in constant conversation
with dance communities on both sides of the Atlantic. She received her MFA (Dance
Research Fellow) from Bennington College and is a certified teacher of the Alexander
Technique. Her performance work and her teaching are both informed by dance improvisation
and mindful body practices.

Sunday 17 January
Booking information
Full price £10
Concession £8
Email info@independentdance.co.uk or phone 020 7091 9650 to reserve your place.