unfolding, unforming, unbecoming

Workshop with Olive Bieringa
Sat 25 Jan 2020 | 12 – 6pm
Sun 26 Jan 2020 | 11am – 5pm

Image by Boris Oicherman

An experiential embryology workshop through the lens of Body-Mind Centering®

Embryology is an adventure we all undertook to become who we are. The first 8 weeks after our conception is when our body forms its basic structure. We transform from a fertilized egg into two cells that multiply into a cluster of cells, which develops into a series of fluid spaces that become a highly differentiated human being. These fluid spaces and processes underlie our current structure and inform our current state of being.

This material invites us to move between sensation, imagination, memory, and the virtual in a nonlinear way. We will move between our present body, our early fluid forms and our future unfolding. We will embrace what is fluid, intuitive, undecided, and beyond conscious logic. To create dance from our embryological history is an unfolding, an unbecoming, an un-growing and an un-forming, a dance for the beginning of time and end of time.

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Sat 25 Jan 2020 | 12 – 6pm
Sun 26 Jan 2020 | 11am – 5pm

Professional dance artists and movement practitioners

Standard £130
Low income £110
Concession £90

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