Susan Rethorst: A Choreographic Mind Continued

400 X Susan Rethorst Image edit 

Susan Rethorst led the workshop A Choreographic Mind as part of Winlab 2015. During the workshop, the participants made and presented work to each other every day, using the material, the people and the influences that were in the room.

On the last day, they gave their work to someone else to ‘wreck’ it, allowing for the interference of another’s mind. Curious about the aftermath, these artists are getting back together for a day of sharing and re-visiting some of the methods offered by Susan.
The artists would like to invite you to join them in the studio between 3-5pm, for some or all of the time. You will be able to witness in action these methodologies of wrecking and sharing, getting a chance to see artists at work and in conversation, and the tangible transformation of the works as they get subjected to another influence.

Click here to read more about Susan’s ideas surrounding Stealing Identity and Influence

This event is free, however please do RSVP to reserve your place by emailing