Research Space | Matthew Harding

Research Space is a new strand to ID’s programme that creates bespoke formats with artists, to open up their research through dancing, making and discussion.

Each Research Space is collaboratively designed with the artist in relation to the questions they explore, the participants whom it might engage, and the model it most appropriately takes, within the context that ID can offer.

Matthew Harding, photo Bramu Media.

Hip Hop | Research Space with Matthew Harding
Sat 31 Oct – Sun 1 Nov | 12pm – 5pm

Level: Dancers of all levels of experience welcome

This Research Space will take place in the Roof studio at Siobhan Davies Studios. There is also an option to join online on Zoom for part of the workshop on Sunday: please scroll down for info on the online offer.

Matthew draws on his experiences to unpick the histories of Hip Hop, interrogating his knowledges of its rhythmic forms, codes and attitudes. The aim of this research space is to create a space for people both with and without experience of hip hop, accessible to those who are curious, those who want to challenge assumptions, and those who may want to expand the way Hip Hop is perceived. 

Matthew will share practical skills and forms, some context and history and open up discussion. He hopes the atmosphere will be playful and inventive, dissolving barriers and asking participants what is at stake, and what can be gained, when we step out of our comfort zones.

Price: £70 flat fee for both days | £35 for one day only
Booking: Advance booking required. Click here to book.

Online Research Space

Sun 1 Nov | 12pm – 2.15pm
Level: Open to dancers of all backgrounds and levels of experience

Matthew Harding, photo Bramu Media

For this online research space you will be zoomed into the studio where Matthew will share some introductory, Hip Hop rhythms, patterns and forms as a warm – up into playing with movement ideas in your own space/home. This is an opportunity to meet these forms in a way that may or may not connect with your own experience and practice, find out the roots of the style and ways that it meets different identities. In the second half of each session Matthew will present his knowledges of the history and contexts of the practice and open up a discussion about Hip Hop matters.

Price: £10 per session
Booking: Advance booking required. Click here to book.