International Documentation of Contemporary Dance Education

IDOCDE is a project designed to develop and document best practices of contemporary dance education, to improve networking among contemporary dance educators and to increase visibility of this vibrant art form.
ID was part of the the pilot program in 2011-13, a network of twelve European dance educators who met regularly for exchange, peer research and for the development of an online database.

This online database,, contains material created by international teachers: essays, texts, videos and images documenting their classes, and their responses to the teaching of others. It is free to sign up, accessible to dance teachers world-wide to use and, crucially, to add to.

ID and its partners invite teachers world-wide to make use of this free resource, to research, to document and share their own teaching practices. They also welcome researchers and teachers from other fields to start an interdisciplinary exchange with the dance educators on

The project culminated in a symposium on dance teaching and documentation in July 2013, in Vienna, from 26-28 July 2013, hosted by Impulstanz / Vienna International Dance Festival (Wiener Tanzwochen).

This project is financed by the Lifelong Learning program by the European Union.

The project partners are:

Wiener Tanzwochen (Vienna)

ICKamsterdam (Amsterdam)

Ultima Vez  (Brussels)

K3 – Zentrum für Choreographie | Tanzplan Hamburg (Hamburg)

Le Pacifique / CDC (Grenoble)

Ponderosa Tanzland  (Stolzenhagen)

Workshop Foundation(Budapest)

Cullberg Ballet (Stockholm)

Emanat (Ljubljana)

Independent Dance (London)

Mimar Sinan Güzel Sanatlar Üniversitesi (Istanbul)

Eastern Finland Sports Institute (Joensuu)