On Attention

A performance philosophy exchange
With Laura Cull
Fri 29 – Sat 30 Nov | 12.30-8.30pm

On Attention: A Performance Philosophy Exchange is a collaboration between ID, the Centre for Performance Philosophy at Surrey, and the Centre for Philosophy and the Visual Arts, King’s College London.

The aim is for the workshop to bring together philosophers & researchers in dance and movement to explore potential areas of shared methodological interest, allowing both groups to learn from each other about how they think.
For this event, we are framing (embodied) ‘attention’, then, as one way of performing thought that has specific traditions in both the history of philosophy and in dance and somatic practices.
We hope that the workshop will offer a welcoming environment for both philosophers (who may have little to no experience of engaging physically in performance practice) and movement researchers (who may have little to no formal training in philosophy) to try something new and meet new people outside their discipline, with a view to supporting further collaborations and future conversations.

The workshop will be structured around practical sessions led by invited contributors who specialise in notions of ‘attention’ across the fields of philosophy and dance.

Supported by an AHRC Leadership Fellows award
Participation by invitation