Klein Technique™ with Barbara Mahler – online workshop

Image by Kathryn Butler

Klein Technique™ is a system that allows movers of all kinds and levels to achieve more fluidity and ease of movement. The work deepens body awareness, and in turn increases creativity and expression. The explorations we do in class require time, involving weaving theory and practice. We take time in working, in process, and to simply learn to be.” 

Klein Technique™ works at the level of the bone, the densest and deepest structure in the body, the structure that conducts the most energy. We use its clarity, its properties to work on the fundamental connections for movement, grounding, presence and we utilize its architecture with imagery, direction and energy. Engaging on this level allows us to drop in under the layers of muscle which holds us in set postural configurations. The work we do in class focuses on deep connections of support and movement: Freeing the legs and spine, connecting the pelvis to the legs, the upper body to the lower and the skull to the feet.

We focus on grounded-ness by first standing the pelvis on top of the legs which helps us to be upright, aligned to the forces of gravity. Building on this principle, we explore the deep muscles of postural support—the hamstrings (sit bones to the heels), the external rotators, the psoas and the tail to pubic bone/tail to heels.

Throughout the classes we interweave theory and physical practice, and we welcome everyone to learn at their own pace.

Offering virtual classes is part of Barbara Mahler’s longterm teaching practice.

Maximum class size: 15

This workshop will be hosted by Independent Dance on Zoom

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Suitable for experienced disabled and non-disabled dancers. 

Flat Fee £35

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