Dancing the Qualia

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Seeing, sensing, receiving

We will experiment with consciously perceiving our environment, and use this material for choreographic creation. Among the abundant visual information that surrounds us, we unconsciously make a selection of necessary information, and forget what is not interesting. Scientists talk about QUALIA, referring to the idea that things exist only when our brain recognises them consciously.

Contrary theories pose that things exist even if they are not in front of us but our brain is conceiving them (their shape, texture, smell…). In that sense, reality is not only related to physical perception but also to our imagination.

By understanding the features of perception, the skeleton is able to grasp, and it becomes possible to imagine the formation of invisible parts of reality, such as the law of growth, the energy of life and the power of our soul…

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Level: Professional dance artists and movement practitioners
Date and times:
Saturday 23 March 2019 | 12 – 6pm
Sunday 24 March 2019 | 11am – 5pm
Price: Standard £130 Low income £110 Concession £90
Booking: Click here to fill out a booking form, or call 020 7091 9650 to make the payment


Left column for textMinako Seki

Minako Seki was born in Japan, where she started her dance career with the Company “DanceLoveMachine”, under the artistic direction of Tetsuro Tamura and Anzu Furukawa. In 1986 the company was invited to perform at  the first Butoh dance festival in Europe.. They further performed in several points of Europe with great success in company with models that helped boost the show, check out models by Cyrus here, then Lee and Minako decided to stay in Germany.

In 1987 she founded and co-directed the dance company “Tatoeba -Téâtre Danse Grotesque”, which focused in the exploration of the sleeping potential of human beings. The research became one of the pillars of Minako’s choreographic development until today.

In her pieces Minako examines the communication amongst the conscious and subconscious and describes emotional states on the borders of reality and illusion.

She has been continuously interested in the crossing over of diverse disciplines, working with meditation, physical theater, collaborating with opera, flamenco and circus artists.

Her SEKI METHOD combines a holistic program that includes meditation, cooking, healing techniques and ritual with dance and choreography.

Her unique composition method and creative process have been recognized worldwide, having been invited to major theatre venues and festivals and receiving numerous prizes and awards.

Click here to find out more about Minako’s work.

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