BBC PAF Fellowship 2011-12

In 2011/12 Independent Dance hosted Janine Harrington as choreography fellow through the BBC Performing Arts Fund Fellowship scheme. Janine worked with a small, shifting group of key collaborators to research and develop her ideas around algorithmic performance and embodied interactivity (a description of the work coined by Katja Nyqvist, dancer and senior lecturer at Roehampton University in her conference papers on the subject).

The original proposal for the fellowship was to develop a new studio work alongside re-working The Performing Book (2011) for a large cast who would perform the work across the London Millennium Bridge.  The intentions combined to become The Bridge (2012), a large-scale interactive choreography for a cast of professional dancers, recent graduates and those new to/ returning to dance.

Developed from The Performing Book, The Bridge was comprised of ten systems or structures which each proposed different levels of interactivity for the passing audience. Janine worked with the core team to develop the work and the methodologies that would allow other performers to understand the sensibility and processes involved. Janine was supported by Iris Chan to recruit the cast, and led a workshop rehearsal process with the core team over several weekends leading up to the performances throughout the day on the 23rd June 2012.

The studio research around the creation of The Bridge forms the basis of Janine’s next projects; under the banner people make patterns, she is currently developing projects in her algorithmic performance series. Building on the modular way of working undertaken during the fellowship, Janine is working with a core team of dancers as well as exploring the work with other groups in educational contexts.

You can read more about Janine’s work and view galleries for all her projects by visiting

Core team: Alice MacKenzie, Alexandrina Hemsley, Katja Nyqvist, Katharin Cooper, Iris Chan, Laura Lee, Luke Birch and Lena Kimming.