Yumino Seki

Class Description | Monday Night Improvisation, Monday 21 June 2021 | IN PERSON

The class will make an inquiry into the transformative nature of the body exploring unique individual expression especially drawn from Butoh.

Butoh is a form of Japanese avant-garde dance which emerged from post war chaos in Japan in the late 50s. Influenced by German Expressionism, self-identity was radically explored through bodily expression.

Shifting attention from ‘action’ to ‘active listening’ we will explore the body’s complex expression through Butoh's culturally diverse perspectives, such as ma - in between time and space, wabi - humbleness, sabi - the process of decay.

In groups, partners and individuals in both dynamic and quiet work we will aim to embody movement, image and sensation using a somatic approach.

‘…trusting that the body has its own intelligence & experience. Not moving but being moved. I explore and reflect the inner landscape where the body becomes mere ‘being’ and where a point of transformation occurs.’

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Yumino Seki is a Japanese dance artist, Butoh practitioner and qualified somatic movement educator who performs, teaches and makes performances in collaboration with artists from diverse backgrounds.

She searches for Butoh’s visceral communication. ‘Authenticity of the temporal body’ in dance performance has been her focus for many years.

Between 1999-2009 she performed extensively in Europe in Butoh predominantly with Mamu Dance Theatre (Tadashi Endo), TEN PEN CHii (Yumiko Yoshioka) both in Germany and Ariadone (Carlotta Ikeda) in France. In 2012 she became qualified in VMI Somatic Practice with Patricia Bardi in Amsterdam.

Since 2013 Seki has further developed her Butoh and somatic work and directed cross-discipline performances which include Arts Council England funded Hyakki Yakou 2013 & The Equinox Flower 2014 & 2015. Key commissions include House of Crusoe 2019, Earl Street Creative Space 2016 and Artbeat Egypt 2012.

Recently she expanded her work in theatre, music, film and visual art including Zadie Xa at 58th Venice Biennale, Art Night & Dance International Glasgow.

Seki's work is informed by the cultural depth and diversity of both the UK and Japan. Her development in her movement has been a gradual exploration of both her collective and self-identity.