Vanessa Grasse

Class Description | Monday Night Improvisation | 25 November 2019 | 10am - 12noon
The class invites to dive into an exploration of relationalities. We'll investigate how a 'tactile and malleable relational space' can nurture our permeable self in ongoing connectivity with our environment and others; moving between solo and group explorations, with an awareness of a co-exiting self and a group practice. The articulations of spine and seeing will feed our unorientable bodies. As we access our multidirectional dancing body we'll be encouraged to remain curious and attentive to the simplicity in the complexity and the complexity in the simplicity. We'll invite our dancing to participate in an ecological cycle of 'absorbing, channeling and sharing'.


Vanessa is a choreographer, dancer and teacher. Her work explores the crossover between choreography, walking-art and installation through site-specific, improvisation, participatory and cross-disciplinary practice. She graduated on the MA in Creative Practice Dance from Laban and ID in London, with a focus on exploring urban improvisational walking practices.
She is currently one of the Dance Partner Projects artists at Yorkshire Dance to develop her project Mesh: A participatory dance work for public spaces which bridges her walking practice with her choreographic and contact improvisation practices to explore interdependence and interconnectivity of a large self-organising and collaborative open group. Working with professional dancers, communities and collaborating with scientist Philip Ball and anthropologist Tim Ingold.
Her practice is grounded in somatic movement studies, improvisation and Contact Improvisation. She teaches internationally and for wider communities and Universities in the UK, including Leeds Beckett University and NSCD. She teaches and organises regular CI classes and jams by running Leeds Contact Improvisation.