Thomas Kampe

Class Description | Monday Night Improvisation, 25 January 2021 | ONLINE
& Morning Class, 01 - 05 February 2021 | AUDIO RECORDINGS

‘The Art of Making Choices’

"In these sessions we explore The Feldenkrais Method as a resource for dance discovery and inquiry. We will explore the use of movement exploration, heightened sensation and structured problem-setting as tools for finding freedom, new patterns and greater possibilities in our improvised movement choices. We will explore the three-dimensional movement potential of our torso to find ease, freedom and greater possibilities in our movement choices as improvised dancers. The Feldenkrais Method offers an accessible toolkit for movement learning. It opens out a relational perspective on movement, perception, and somatic agency, supporting our ability to learn and discover new skills with ease. In imaginative and playful ways, it allows us to relate to our world through complex and multi-dimensional movement patterns." Thomas Kampe.

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Thomas Kampe has worked with movement for the last 35 years. He has worked as performer, choreographer and director in Germany and the UK, and is Professor of Somatic Education and Performance at Bath Spa University where he teaches movement for actors.

He has taught somatic approaches towards movement education mainly for performers in different settings around the world and is a qualified teacher of the Feldenkrais Method ®, which forms a foundation for his teaching.

Thomas Kampe