The Rebel Man Standard

Crossing Borders 2015 | 6 October | 7 - 8.30pm

The Rebel Man Standard went to Impulstanz for five weeks as part of danceWEB2015. Now they are back in London and landing again, reconfiguring their positions and asking: what remains?

A consideration of the politics of being, making, learning, teaching and dancing and how all these things intertwine.

The project explores the political potentials, and potential ramifications, of contemporary dance and choreographic practice, socially and for the body of the doer. We come together as a supportive and active network of independent thinkers, makers and performers sharing resources, conversations and the idea that all actions are political.


The Rebel Man Standard is Jamila Johnson-Small, Hamish MacPherson and Zinzi Minott. Jamila is a London born and based independent artist. She makes dances, writes a bit and collaborates in immigrants and animals, Project O and BELLYFLOP Magazine. Hamish makes performances, installations, workshops and other things, often relating to the embodied aspects of politics and philosophy. Zinzi is a dancer, working through obsessions with duration, repetition and exhaustion to look a politics and dance. She writes and talks on the same things too.