Tanja Erhart


Tanja Erhart (she/her), born in Austria and based in London, identifies as a crip - chronically ill and physically disabled - dance artist and cultural anthropologist. She creates her own work, teaches, choreographs, holds lectures & talks about disability, ableism and dance at various events and performed in pieces by Claire Cunningham, Michael Turinsky and Candoco Dance Company worldwide. Currently she is exploring movement practices of her three different bodyminds - onelegged, with her wheelchair or threelegged with her crutches - and pleasure activism in dance and disability justice, focusing on access, care and dismantling ableism.

Her current dance production “j_e_n_g_a” – an interactive dance film and a live performance in the making, in collaboration with dance colleague from Austria Katharina Senk, will premiere in Vienna in 2022.