Suzi Weber

Crossing Borders 2019 | 05 November 2019 | 7-8:30pm

How do we meet the other? Grasping alterity as creative states through movements of sustainability
Cristina Fernandes Rosa and Suzi Weber

In this participatory lecture we will explore the concept of alterity as creative states, taking into consideration the interaction of North-South epistemologies. We will facilitate a session that combines distinct modes of interaction – e.g. moving, talking, drawing – with which to queer exclusionary binaries, ingrained in the way we think and act in Western culture and society. We will begin with a movement exercise led by Suzi, which combines moving and thinking; talking and dancing together. Next, Rosa will introduce participants to the Bakongo Cosmogram (Dikenga), a spacio-temporal vessel from Central Africa with which to (dis)organise ideas in/about bodily motion. This somatic process seeks to disrupt pre-sets of how moving bodies should related to themselves, other bodies, and the environment in which they move. The session will close with an open discussion interweaving the two provocations.


Suzane Weber da Silva (Suzi Weber) is an actress, contemporary dancer, and professor in the Performing Arts at the Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul (UFRGS), in Brazil. Currently, she is developing a post-doctoral research project at the Center for Dance Research at Coventry University. Weber has earned her PhD from Études et pratiques des arts, at the Université du Québec, in Canada. She has an MA in Human Movement Sciences and BA in Performing Arts from UFRGS.