Susan Rethorst

WinLab 2015 | 30 Nov - 4 Dec | 11am - 5pm

A Choreographic Mind
I teach from the point of view that making is an endless quest with ever shifting ground. I encourage an attitude of fueling work with one's questions, not regarding plans or themes as pre-requisites. I regard teaching as a conversational mode; my exercises are proposals in action.

My own interests have to do with the nature of movement and its communication, how it operates as phenomena; this fuels my aesthetic and methods. I present composition initially from this point of view; my exercises propose ways of perceiving and proceeding that engage these ideas. But at the same time I am interested in creating a situation in which each of us can locate her/his aesthetic and goals in the larger picture of dance's many mini cultures.

I am interested as well in giving participants the ability to recognize and access states necessary to making work; intuition, perception, cognition, interiority, emotional distance, spontaneity, pleasure, will, reflection, humour.


Susan Rethorst has been making dances since 1975. She divides her time between New York and Amsterdam, teaching choreography throughout Europe and Scandinavia and making work in both Europe and America.

Rethorst's work has been presented by The Museum of Modern Art; The Kitchen Center, Dance Theater Workshop, Danspace Saint Marks, The Downtown Whitney Museum, among others, as well as at various dance theaters, universities, and festivals throughout the U.S. Internationally her work has been produced by The Holland Festival, Spazio Zero Rome, The Kunsthalle Basel, The Aix-en-Provence Festival, among others.
She has ongoing teaching relationships with Dansens Hus in Copenhagen, Falmouth University Academy of Music and Theatre Arts (formerly Dartington College of Arts) and Firkin Crane in Cork, Ireland.

She is the recipient of a fellowship from the John Simon Guggenheim Memorial Foundation (1999); an Alpert Award (2011) and a Doris Duke Award (2015).