Sung Im Her

Class Description | Morning Class | 16-20 March 2020

“Moving cloud” class draws from my personal movement research of shadow yoga, release technique and somatic practice. The class will consist of open explorations often using improvisation as well as set material. Improvisation guide into various moves which aim to give awareness of body in space and space in our body. This class is a journey to find unconscious ways of moving and discovering different places in our body, give a chance for the rest of body to observe unexpected, unconscious move. The classes also involve working in pairs. Set material works with abandoned and regained energy to create certain dynamic and momentum.


Sung-Im Her was born in Seoul, South Korea. She studied contemporary dance at Han-Sung University where she achieved Master degree, she worked with Ji-Gu dance theatre for 6 years. Then she came to Belgium in 2004 for choreography studies (2nd cycle) at P.A.R.T.S. contemporary dance school.In 2006 and 2008 she worked with Jan Fabre/Troubleyn for solo piece “Quando l’uomo principale e une donna” and group piece “Je suis sang”. In 2007 she went to Geneva to work with the company Alias.She joined Les ballets C de la B (Koen Augustijnen) in 2008, collaborating and performing in “Ashes”. Since 2009, She started working with Needcompany for the creation with Grace Ellen Barkey“This door is too small (for a bear)” ,“Mush-Room (2013)” and “Odd but True (2014). Sung-Im replaces Tijen Lawton in “Isabella's room” and performs in “Marketplace76(2012)” and “The House of our Fathers” , “Begine the beguine(2014)”, “Just for Bolzano(2014)” and “All tomorrows parties(2014) by Jan Lauwers. And she took a charge as a movement assistance in a piece of “Time between two mistakes(2014)”
In 2011, She joined physical theater group Abattoir Ferme for “Monkey” creation. In 2013, Abattoire Ferme's director Stef Lernous created a solo piece “Entrance” which presented in Korea for soloist dance festival and presented in Mechelen, and Brigittines as a part of International festival. In 2015, Sung-Im Her & Abattoir Ferme worked together for dance theater piece and created “NYMF” which received the best piece of the year in 2015, selected by dance critics.
Since 2012, Sung-Im has been created remarkable international collaboration pieces between dance and music, visual art and theater. “Philia”, “En-trance”, “Tuning”, “Nymf” has been performing in Theater Freiburg(DE), Mullae art center(KR), Ufer studio(DE), Theater Nona(BE), Les Brigittines (BE), Arko theater(KR), LIG Art Hall(KR) , Zurich specktacle(SW).
In 2015, she has been selected by NRW Tanzrecherche #17 Bonn for her new research with So-mang Lee (illustrator) titled “You Are Okay!” after 7 weeks of research which will premier in Theater im Ballsaal , Bonn as a part of Solo Tanz Festival in 2017 Oct.
In this year (2017), she has been selected to be a part of Testbeds Catalyst programme which supported by Bedfordshire University and Luton Art Council. 12-month research & development programme for mid-career artists where Sung-Im Her to research on global citizen.