Stefan Jovanović

Class Description | ID Online | 08 - 12 June 2020
Stefan will share resources in different formats as daily provocations, combining scores for movement, tracking your somatic landscape and meditating. Each day's material will start with a tarot-stone-spread reading, offering points of reflection on archetypal forces currently at work in the world. Each score for dancing will be hand-drawn, with annotations and instructions on how to explore one's internal weather of the day. The sessions will end with short audio-guided meditations inviting you to explore the relationship between your felt sense, nervous system, and the edges of your personal, ancestral and systemic fields.

Please note these sessions will not be live online, but will be creative materials for you to access and work with in your own time.


Stefan Jovanović is an architect, choreographer, therapist and the artistic director of dance-architecture company Studio Stefan Jovanović and therapy practice Kinship Constellations. Whilst qualifying as an architect and establishing a career in the performing arts, he trained as a systemic family constellator and somatic therapist; integrating these therapeutic modalities into his choreographic practice. He creates spaces and performances about the kinships of tomorrow, ideas of radical togetherness, and the healing of social and archetypal trauma. His most recent show Constellations, showed at Sadler’s Wells in June 2019. His ongoing collaborators include Katye Coe, Frank Bock, Matthias Sperling, Mark Lorimer, Jonathan Burrows & Matteo Fargion and Pau Aran Gimeno. He was the recipient of the ImpulsTanz danceWEB Scholarship in 2016 and Sadler’s Wells Summer University Artist between 2015 and 2018.