Sherwood Chen

Class Description | ID Online | 29 Jun - 3 Jul 2020, 10.30-12.00

Sherwood Chen will lead 60 to 90 minute live sessions on Zoom, each day a glimpse and/or facet of past and current movement in-studio research including: focus on slowing down movement as a strategy to overheat the frequency of kinesthetic attention; image work evoking and training sensorial memory and rendering impossible landscapes in the flesh; phosphene fun; and flagrant appropriation of heraldic languaging to experiment with constructing corporeal ones. Sessions at times may build towards pointed études, self- and / or partner-generated simple choreographies. Have a notebook or keyboard to write, music to play of your choice (on mute!), an image of the day to share as your profile screen (i.e. when your cameras are off), and come prepared to possibly interact with others in the class.

Please note these sessions will be live online. Separate booking is required for each day.


Sherwood Chen has worked as a performer for artists including Anna Halprin, Xavier Le Roy, l'agence touriste, Liz Santoro, Amara Tabor-Smith, Anne Collod, Sara Shelton Mann, inkBoat, Arcane Collective, Ko Murobushi and Grisha Coleman. He leads laboratories, classes and workshops internationally in places including Ménagerie de Verre, Dans Les Parages / La Zouze, Point Éphémère, Chez Bushwick, K3 Zentrum Für Choreographie, EDEN / Dock 11, Sala Crisantempo, Independent Dance, Centro Nacional de las Artes (DF) and ODC. Sherwood was a resident member of Min Tanaka's international performance collective Maijuku in rural Japan. Since 1993 he has worked and contributed to Body Weather training, kinesthetic and movement research initiated by Tanaka and members of his company, further developed independently by exponents worldwide.