Sherwood Chen

Class Description | Monday Night Improvisation, 18 January 2021 | ONLINE

With no certain common baseline other than the time we share, how do we intuit ancient information inscribed in our own bones, moreover witness its glint from others?
Spanning hearty movement exploration towards cellular speculations, we will root into our respective bodies—in all their powerful familiarity—to move us towards intimate theatres of fresh collapse. Bones slowly falling into divinatory enigmas.


Sherwood Chen performs and leads movement research internationally. He has worked as a performer for artists including Grisha Coleman, Yuko Kaseki, Anna Halprin, Xavier Le Roy, l'agence touriste, Min Tanaka, Amara Tabor-Smith, Jess Curtis, Sara Shelton Mann, inkBoat and Ko Murobushi. Since 1993 he has worked and contributed to Body Weather training initiated by Tanaka and colleagues, working directly with founding members including Oguri and Christine Quoiraud and as a former member of Body Weather Farm and Maijuku in Japan. He is based in Paris and Marseille.