Scott Smith

Ongoing Dialogues with Charlie Morrissey and Scott Smith | Sunday 11 June | 11am - 5pm

A workshop exploring solos and duets, informed by Charlie and Scott’s own movement investigations.

Their approach is influenced by their shared experience of working with contact improvisation, Steve Paxton’s Material for the Spine, and Lisa Nelson’s Tuning Scores.

The workshop will employ skeletal imaging and movement, with particular attention given to the pelvis as root, and the spine as a limb, for integrating spherically and dimensionally into space.
Anatomical explorations with their root in Material for the Spine will be re-imagined and explored in relation to working with another body.

Morning class description | Monday 12 - Friday 16 June | 10am - 12 noon
Themes from the workshop will be further developed in the following week of morning class from 12-16 June, open to drop-ins. Workshop participants will be given priority places in class.


Scott Smith started his dance studies in 1977. Originally from the American mid-west he has lived and worked in New York and Seattle., and is currently living in the United Kingdom.

He teaches dance, makes performance, composes music for live performance and film/video.

Scott studied and performed for several years, with Steve Paxton via contact improvisation and material for the spine, and was a founding member of ‘Image Lab’ with Lisa Nelson, KJ Holmes and Karen Nelson, developing ‘tuning scores’, researching the realm of the senses and perception as foundational to form and composition.

His initial training's and professional performance experience included modern and classical dance forms, and he has worked for dance companies in Kansas City, New York, Berlin, and London.

Since the early 90’s, Scott has been focusing his practice in new dance and improvisational work, and maintains ongoing collaborations and performance/video making with Lisa Nelson, Charlie Morrissey, Becky Edmunds and others.

He plays American folk and roots music in the band Porchlight Smoker, and is a member of movement12, a dance advocacy organization based in Brighton.

Scott Smith