Sarah Spies

Sarah Spies and Amy Voris have guest curated Autumn 2017 at Independent Dance.
“As guest curators of ID’s autumn 2017 classes and workshops programme, we wanted to foreground curation as a creative process and how creative movement practices might be deeply connected to curatorial practices.”


Sarah Spies (born in Cape Town, South Africa) is a choreographer, performance curator and lecturer in contemporary dance and performance. Her choreographic and curatorial work focuses on the unfolding affective dimensions of choreography as a frame for collaborative curatorial practice and she often works within research-based public programmes. She has created performative work within international gallery settings and has published on time-based performance within exhibition settings. She is part of ICI (Independent Curators International) and the international artists exchange programme MAHALA/Temporary Occupations and AFiRIperFOMA Biennial. She is a practice-based PhD researcher as part of the Research Platform for Curatorial and Cross-disciplinary Cultural Studies between the University of Reading (UK) and the University if the Arts/ZHdK (Zurich).