Sara Wookey

Crossing Borders | 18 November | 7 - 8.30pm

Sara is interested in the ways that performance and publics interact and, more specifically, how dance enlivens the social in intimate, playful and engaging ways. In this Crossing Borders evening she will present some of her recent projects and prompt musings about what dance can be, modes of working as a dance artist across different spatial contexts - such as civic public spaces and private museum spaces - while prompting discussions and engaging questions. Having recently relocated to London from the States Sara brings her cross-continental experiences and perspectives to this program.

Class Description I Morning Class I

This class begins on the floor, moves up to standing and into dynamic movement patterns that move across the floor in an ongoing manner. It is a highly physical class that encourages anatomical awareness, stimulates neuromuscular activity and engages a use of space, time and rhythm. The class concludes with a movement phrase that brings together patterns practiced in class and that supports kinaesthetic learning. It is accessible to trained and non-trained dancers and is informed by several sources: Bartenieff Fundamentals, Body Weather Laboratory and post-modern dance techniques.


Sara Wookey is a dancer and choreographer based between Los Angeles and London. Her training as a dancer and her formative experience of ten years spent living and working in Amsterdam - where she ran a dance company and taught at the School for New Dance Development - are key influences for her. Her choreography has been presented at the Museum of Contemporary Art, San Diego, REDCAT and the Hammer Museum. She is a founding member of the Choreographer's Working Group and a certified teacher of Yvonne Rainer's seminal dance work Trio A (1966). Sara works within the regions of the Midwest, Canada, and Europe. She is also a certified square dance caller.