Sara Ruddock

Class Description | Monday Night Improvisation | Monday 11 November 2019

A space for exploring an inner and outer bodily listening, on our own and together.
Noticing sensations, release, connectedness and unfolding of movement pathways in space. Playing with sound, movement, voice, vibration, resistance/flow and rhythm.

An invitation to engage in practices of active attention and connection through touch, play, improvisation and scores, with exchange and dialogue between the individual and collective.
Tapping into Sara’s artistic research and movement practice of bodies in a mode of listening, vibration as connection and embodied experience, sonic and rhythmic utterances and perception, forces of groove, irregularities and resistance.


Sara Ruddock - Dance artist and choreographer from Stockholm, based in London, active in the field of dance and choreography since 2002, performing and making work in Scandinavia and internationally.
Educated at DOCH (Stockholm University of the Arts) most recently on the Master Programme New Performative Practices, 2013.
As dancer/performer having worked with a range of choreographers including Deborah Hay, as well as creating and performing solo works and collaborative projects with other artists. In 2018-19 creating solos in collaboration with visual artist Bernardo Ortiz (supported by Siobhan Davies Dance), with visual artist Mayra Martin Ganzinotti, and performing with choreographers Julie Cunningham, Zoi Dimitriou and Stefan Jovanovic.

Her choreographic research deals with vibrational practices, bodily listening, perception of sound and rhythm; irregularities, resistance and forces of groove.