Samir Kennedy

Class Description | ID Online | 4 - 7 May 2020

Samir Kennedy will share a listening practice. "I have been experimenting with creating sonic landscapes and their ability to produce affect and power within bodies and environments. Each day I will share an original sound work of 60 minutes and I propose that anyone who wants downloads them and takes the time to listen to them in their entirety. There is no pressure to move, you can be on your daily walk, lying down, or moving within them. The only directive for this practice is to listen. I have created these scores with the loose theme - LISTENING TO THE WORLD END”

These sessions will not be live online, but will be creative materials for you to access and work with in your own time.

*Good sound equipment would be beneficial to this practice, such as a pair of headphones (particularly over ear headphones) or a stereo system at home.


Samir Kennedy is a British/Algerian Dance, Performance and Sound Artist based in London. He is Queer, Working Class and Crass.

As a performer he has worked with Yvonne Rainer, Lucy McCormick, Florence Peake, Colette Sadler, Joe Moran, Charles Linehan, Pablo Bronstein, Theo Clinkard, Franko B, Rahel Vonmoos, Simon Vincenzi and Robert Clark as well as others performing these works in both high profile and underground spaces across the UK and internationally.

As a maker he has performed his work in The Netherlands, Sweden, Germany and the UK. His work can manifest as video, sound, cabaret/club performance, durational or installation-based performances and interventions or just a good old sit down show. His practice is forever leaking and bleeding all over the place and doesn’t sit comfortably within any stable conceptual framework.