Ruth Little

The science of complex living systems and live performance. Ruth Little- dramaturg, teacher and writer, in conversation with choreographer Siobhan Davies.

Art, like science, observes the generating forces of life, identifies its patterns and processes, and offers concentrated ritualised or symbolic expression of these forces in space and time. Life is always in motion, always responding to and creating rhythms. As a dramaturg, I’m interested in the interplay between movement and meaning, and in the dynamic structures that underlie all of our encounters with one another and the world. My work looks at the relationship between order and disorder, chaos and equilibrium, changing scales, the behaviour of disturbed systems and the creation and rearrangement of patterns of language and movement in live performance.


Ruth Little is a dramaturg, teacher and writer. She was a lecturer in English Literature at the University of Sydney, literary manager of Out of Joint and Soho Theatre, and artistic associate at the Young Vic. She is currently writing a book on theatre and dynamic structure, and her dramaturgical work with writers and theatre artists draws on the science of complex living systems. Ruth is literary manager at the Royal Court Theatre, London.