Rebecca Hilton


8 - 9 December | 11am - 5pm

PARTICIPATE OR ELSE? is a two day conversation meets expanded choreography process meets artistic research project convened by artist and researcher Rebecca Hilton. Conceived as a weekend assembly of interested people and their artistic practices PARTICIPATE OR ELSE? is also a workshop, a working group, a conference, a temporary collective and/or a relational aesthetics project.

PARTICIPATE OR ELSE? is a possibility to explore together the perplexing and plastic relationship(s) of ethics to aesthetics in participatory performance making. Arrive with a question, an idea, a practice, an anecdote, a concern, an experiment, an experience, and depart with even more questions, ideas, practices, anecdotes, concerns, experiments and experiences.


An Australian living in Stockholm, Rebecca’s practices include dancing, performing, choreographing, conversing and writing. She has contributed to the work of a range of artists including Mathew Barney, Michael Clark, Tere O’Connor, Jennifer Monson, John Jasperse, Lucy Guerin, Tino Sehgal, Xavier Le Roy, and Chrysa Parkinson.

As Professor in Choreography at Stockholm University of the Arts, for the research area Site Event Encounter, she is working on GROUPNESS - researching relationships between embodied practices, oral traditions and choreographic systems - in environments including universities, community run organisations, friendship circles and family groups. Rebecca is currently choreographer in residence at Malarbacken, (Sweden's largest elder care centre) as part of DoBra, a research project orchestrated by the Karolinska Institute. DoBra is a decade-long, nation-wide research program exploring relationships to death and dying in Sweden.