Rajni Shah

Crossing Borders 2019 | Anti-Racist Contemporary Dance | 3 Dec | 7-8:30pm
Centring artists of colour and their reparative/resistant/holistic anti-racist dance practices

This panel will discuss the structural racisms and racist silencing that operate in the contemporary dance sector. By centring anti-racist and decolonial works by dance artists and programmers of colour, the discussion will reflect on coalitional strategies for moving against and beyond the forms of racial violence and erasure that shape our field. It will be led by Alexandrina Hemsley, Rob Jones, Seeta Patel and Rajni Shah and facilitated by Royona Mitra.

This event is part of the "Contemporary Dance and Whiteness" research project funded by British Academy and partnered by Independent Dance. http://danceandwhiteness.coventry.ac.uk.

It is free to attend through the support of the British Academy.


Since 1999, Rajni Shah has worked independently and with other artists to create the conditions for performances, publications, conversations, and gatherings on and off-stage. Key projects - always created alongside and in collaboration with others - include The Awkward Position (2003-4), Mr Quiver (2005-8), small gifts (2006-8), Dinner with America (2007-9), Glorious (2010-12), Experiments in Listening (2014-15), Lying Fallow (2014-15), Song (2016), and Feminist Killjoys Reading Group (ongoing). Rajni is currently working on the unceded lands of the Kanien’kehá:ka Nation at the Acts of Listening Lab, which is situated within Concordia University’s Centre for Oral Histories and Digital Storytelling. In 2019, Rajni’s first monograph will be published as a book and a series of zines within Palgrave’s Performance Philosophy series.

WHAT Remains 2016

Co-created with and performed by Natacha Bryan, Collin Clay Chace, Emma Frankland, Kazuko Hohki and Sheila Ghelani

When on stage, bodies stand in for something; they allow readings to pass through them and to be projected onto them. But they are not still, they are moving. They too are passing through, or being passed through, as we inhabit them during our lifetime. In the end they are vessels carrying stories for a short amount of time, until they break open and the stories pass through to another vessel.

This series of small performances will be scattered throughout the festival. Like a song that is passed between people, each performance will echo the others but will be defined by the voice and body of the performer. Together, they will attempt to reflect the complex histories of bodies and the simple beauty in noticing someone for a moment.Song collaborators:
Sheila Ghelani ( www.sheilaghelani.co.uk )
Sheila is an artist whose work spans performance, installation and moving image.
Collin Clay Chace ( www.juhamusic.com )
Collin Clay Chace is a singer, emcee, and jack of all genres for the Juha crew and Team Angelica Music.
Natacha Bryan ( natachadbryan.wordpress.com )
Natacha Bryan is writer, poet, performance maker and fellow on Complete Works III. Her pamphlet collection of poems, If I talked everything my eyes saw, will be published by Gatehouse Press autumn 2016.
Emma Frankland ( notyetarobot.co.uk )
Emma is an award winning theatre maker and performer.
Kazuko Hohki ( www.kazukohohki.com )
Kazuko Hohki is a London based artist, singer, musician, animator, director, performer, storyteller and theatre maker.