Rachel Dean

Class Description | Monday Night Improvisation | 11 November 2019

What seas, what shores, what grey rocks and what islands (T. S. Eliot)

How can we learn to enjoy the physical presence of others as a rich and varied landscape to move within and through, which can inspire movement or stillness and which no more places demands on us than does a seashore lapping at our feet? A fresh approach to moving in and out of contact with others.


Rachel Dean is a contemporary dance artist who performs, teaches and choreographs. She has danced Contact Improvisation for 17 years, is passionate about sharing her love of the form and regularly teaches dance undergraduates, open adult groups, adults with learning disabilities and professional dancers. She organises CI classes and jams with Improvisation Exchange Leeds.
Her choreography (e.g. Nativity, Wolf, Love in Idleness) is strongly influenced by her improvisation practice and she performs regularly with improvisation collective Mathilde. She recently completed her MA thesis 'Entwining Solo Pathways through a Duet Form: A Practice-based Investigation of Contact Improvisation.'