Petra Söör

Class Description | Morning Class, 22 - 26 February 2021 (with Anne-Gaëlle Thiriot) | ONLINE

The classes Anne-Gaëlle and Petra will facilitate are influenced by their shared work as practicing dancers, makers and facilitators. Over the course of the past year they have developed a way of furthering collaboration physically despite distance during the pandemic.
These sessions will offer a score-based practice with attention to listening, attending to and through the body. At the same time inviting the question “what is possible”? through allowing dancing to hold space for asking questions, coming to understand differently through the exploration of personal and collective movement practice, by journeying in sensation, following what is emerging in the moment. How can a sense of care and dancing in itself create a space, with the potential to include? Can this perhaps be an alchemical space in which something new can form - new poetics and materialities - expanding what is possible in ways of being together through dancing in these times?

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Petra Söör is a Swedish-Italian dancer, maker and facilitator based in the UK since 2002. Her work and interests take her into a diversity of contexts and environments; alongside solo endeavours she often proposes collective and collaborative processes.
Alongside her freelance work as a dancer, her own work and practice is rooted in improvisation and poetics and a long-term interest in an exploration of different notions of bodies, environment and ecologies. Projects include: Bodies of Rock, Mud and Water, Undanced Dances, Intimacies and This Walking in the Dark. Since 2016 Petra has been exploring her project Sleeping a Walking Mountain as well as developing interests in a person-centred approach to work with movement, breath and different modalities of touch to support health and wellbeing.