Nigel Thrift

Crossing Borders 22 November 2011

Nigel Thrift-Human Geographer (Pal Talk)

Nigel Thrift will share his most recent work and interests within Human Geography which stress a practice-based model of thought and action. He will discuss the importance of performative and embodied knowledge in our practice, moving away from representation and interpretation emphasises that the social and human sciences have been so bound to. He will argue that these new emphases are becoming crucial to the conduct of the modern economy.


Professor Nigel Thrift is the Vice-Chancellor of the University of Warwick. Prior to thishe was the Pro-Vice-Chancellor for Research at the University of Oxford. Thrift has been described as one of the world's leading human geographers and social scientists. His work on time, language, power and representations of the body have been influential, and in some cases spurred the substantial intellectual changes in Human Geography over the past decades. Having published extensively, Thrift’s bibliography includes Non-Representational Theory:Space, Politics, Affect (2007) ,Spatial Formations: Theory, Culture and Society.(1996), Timespace: Geographies of Temporality (2001)