Miranda Tufnell

WinLab 2019

Winds Through Bone
With Miranda Tufnell and Eva Karczag
9 – 13 Dec
11am – 5pm

This workshop begins in the body, in our sense of breath and of bone, in the polarities of weight and lightness, gravity and momentum, stillness and movement …. listening to the body, listening to the world through the body. Through touch, exploring under the surface … into the detail and living architecture of bone … deepening our awareness of the forces at play through body and environment. Moment by moment sensation, story, memory, imagination and dream weave how we feel, perceive, respond and move. We will take time to listen and sense, exploring the nuanced and diverse rhythms that shape the whole - there are winds within winds in the body. In the ongoing flux of experience, bone offers anchorage, a slowing and landing of attention that helps us find connectedness and coherence. Through listening, moving and writing, tuning more fully to the fields of influence at play through and between us and our surrounding worlds, and enriching our dancing.
“Of all the dangers we face the greatest is the deadening of our capacity to respond … we are not substances that abide, we are patterns that perpetuate themselves; we are whirlpools in rivers of everflowing water. The sense of self shifts from noun to verb, from a separate enduring entity that needs its comforts and defences, to a dancer in relationship to life around us “ Joanna Macey


Miranda Tufnell (www.mirandatufnell.co.uk) is a dance artist, writer and teacher in movement and imagination. She is also an Alexander teacher and cranio-sacral therapist. She has been teaching and making performances for over 35 years. Her work, both as a performer and body therapist has been to explore the ways in which movement shapes our sense of meaning, language and perception. With Chris Crickmay she co-authored two handbooks on sourcing creative work entitled Body Space Image (1990) and A Widening Field (2004). She has worked extensively in the field of arts and health including part time (14 years) within the NHS for a GP surgery. Her most recent book, When I Open My Eyes - dance health imagination (2017), documents this work. She has continued to teach widely (including the one-time Dartington College of Arts) and was visiting tutor at UCLAN on their MA in Dance and Somatic Wellbeing. Based in Northumberland, she also offers one-to-one creative space retreats.