Matthew Harding

Monday Night Improvisation | Monday 26 October 2020 | Studio & online

This class draws on Hip Hop rhythms and grooves to create a playful set of improvisation structures. It blends the social aspects of dancing with the virtuosic, offering a space where expression and communication finds physical and dynamic form.

Research Space | Saturday 31 October - Sunday 1 November 2020 | Studio & online

Matthew draws on his experiences to unpick the histories of Hip Hop, interrogating his knowledges of its rhythmic forms, codes and attitudes. The aim of this research space is to create a space for people both with and without experience of hip hop, accessible to those who are curious, those who want to challenge assumptions, and those who may want to expand the way hip hop is perceived.

Matthew will share practical skills and forms, some context and history and open up discussion. He hopes the atmosphere will be playful and inventive, dissolving barriers and asking participants what is at stake, and what can be gained, when we step out of our comfort zones.

This Research Space will take place in the studio at Siobhan Davies Studios. There is also an option to join online on Zoom for part of the workshop.

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International choreographer, Hip Hop judge, mentor, movement artist, facilitator and dancer, Matthew Harding is the Artistic Director of Urban Interface Dance UK, bringing new composition to Hip Hop and contemporary dance within theatre, film and other spaces.⁠ He is also founder and director of Hip Hop group Wolfpack Collective and has won awards for work he has created and presented at venues including the Royal Albert Hall, Sadler’s Wells and across the world.