Mary Pearson

Class Description | ID Online | 15 - 19 June 2020, 10.30-12.30

I feel the earth move under my feet
I feel the sky tumbling down, a'tumbling down
I just lose control
Down to my very soul

- written and recorded by Carole King, 1971 -

A series of live Zoom classes. Moving together, with, between, through what you bring, in your different embodiments, to this moment of global reckoning. I will prompt possibilities for solo self-guided movement, taking in turns witnessing each other, sharing and listening. Performing our devices? Bring protest, precarity, solidarity, uncertainty and compassion.

I named my improvisation practice ‘FAILURE Lab’ because I’m interested in disarming habits and judgments, getting lost, playing with mystery, overwhelm, underwhelm, and excess. What situations make my dancing body unfamiliar to myself? Can I disrupt trends of viewing my self and body as marketable products? How can I be fully in the here and now, along with complex identities and uncomfortable histories?

Please note these sessions will be live online. Separate booking is required for each day.
Capacity: 25 people


Performance maker and dancer/researcher using CI and related dance practices, comedy, visual art, voice, and devising. Toured solos FAILURE, The Sand Dog Cometh, and FoMO, mofos! internationally. Fascinated by collaboration as a complex and coordinated practice in survival. A co- curator of Con|VERGE, REMIX collaborative performance residencies at Ponderosa Dance (DE). Teaching improvisation as a FAILURE Lab. In universities and art spaces such as Improspecjie festival (Croatia), contactfestival Freiburg (Germany), WCCIJam and PADL West (CA, USA), Ponderosa P.O.R.C.H. summer school (Germany), and Live Art Bistro (UK). Learning how trauma is held in the nervous system (Somatic Experiencing).

Current collaborations: ‘How to Be Afraid?’ duet with mayfield brooks (nyc) explores our separate but connected histories of the transatlantic slave trade, finding hauntings in our current psyches. KUDERA+MPEARSONATER: ‘Anthropo+Screen by-products’ is a hybrid fashion- and dance- making dialogue with Alena Kudera, highlighting consumerism, plastic waste and fashion’s role in climate crisis. Part of Dance Research Studio ‘Artist Residencies to Explore the Ecological Crisis’.