Mark Lorimer

WinLab 2015 | 14 - 18 Dec | 11am - 5pm

Darwin's Dance
In Darwin's Dance we will first develop a very short movement loop - our simplest dance organism - and transform this, through various clear choreographic procedures, to evolve into an infinitely more complex creature.With the combination of a range of mutations created by any one task, plus our (not entirely) 'natural' selection, we will at each new task choose the new mutation to be carried on through.

Where 'theme and variation' usually refer back to their starting point or theme, here each change or variation will organise a constantly forward-moving development - each change creates the new material for the next change.

My interest recently has been in analysing, separating and focusing on the transformation of various aspects inherent within movement, but I hope, in addition, that we can work together to develop other new choreographic and performative processes.

What happens if you attempt to desynchronise or alter the time, space, dynamic, mechanic or coordination inherent in any movement phrase whilst maintaining the rest? What sort of sophisticated mutants or hybrids can we create?

The workshop is aimed at dance artists with a lively interest in movement investigation and detailed precision.


Since graduating from the London School of Contemporary Dance in 1991, Mark has worked as dancer, choreographer, teacher and rehearsal director.
His main collaborations as a dancer have been with Rosas/Anne-Teresa De Keersmaeker (1994 - present) and with ZOO/Thomas Hauert (1997- 2005). Alongside these he has worked on many projects with (among others) The Featherstonehaughs/Lea Anderson, Bock and Vincenzi, Mia Lawrence, Jonathan Burrows, Deborah Hay, Alix Eynaudi and Boris Charmatz.

As a choreographer he has made two full-length evening works "To Intimate" with cellist Thomas Luks and fellow Rosas mainstay Cynthia Loemij, and "Dancesmith - Camel, Weasel, Whale" again with Cynthia plus graphic artist and dancer Clinton Stringer. He has also made works with students of the Laban Centre, London and a duet with Chrysa Parkinson - "Nylon Solution".

As a rehearsal director he has worked on several creations with Rosas and continues to tour with "Vortex Temporum" while dancing in Boris Charmatz's most recent work "Manger".

This year a second collaboration as a dancer with Alix Eynaudi on a piece "Edelweiss". And next year Mark will create a work for the Bhodi project at SEAD, Salzburg.

This summer 2015 Mark was a member of the group DanceWeb leadership at Impulstanz in Vienna alongside teaching and performing in the festival. He teaches regularly at PARTS, for the first time this year at Manufacture, Lausanne and for many other institutions and independent dance organisations.