Marina Collard

Class Description | Morning class | 10 - 14 September 2018

Marina’s class draws from her personal movement research bringing together her experience of contemporary dance and somatic practice. The class is influenced by Marina’s work as a Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapist and investigates the detail that emerges as we pay attention to the body as one whole continuous, integrated mass of information. Attention will be paid to how we meet ourselves in the act of landing and listening through both moving and stilling. Marina is interested in the act of embodying and the physicality of dancing. The class will consist of open explorations often using improvisation as well as set material. The work is underpinned by an ongoing curiosity and openness towards the uniqueness of what arises in the present moment of exploration. Further questioning arises from the application of our enquiry into set material. The invitation is to find ease within our dancing and be playful in our moving. The approach to moving is open and rigorous allowing dancers to expand their choices in the articulation of set material.

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Marina Collard is an independent dance maker, dancer and teacher. She is interested in collaborating with artists from different disciplines and has a long-term creative partnership with film maker Tom Paine. She has worked with dance artist Kate Johnson on a commission from TripSpace Projects in collaboration with the Hayward Gallery and created a silent/movement version of Terry Riley’s In C for the Kronos Quartette in collaboration with Tony Thatcher. Other artists and collaborators include composer Paul Newland, photographer Rachel Cherry, filmmaker Tony Wadham and lighting designer Michael Mannion. Marina has performed with Dog Kennel Hill Project, Gill Clarke, Siobhan Davies Dance Company, Carol Brown Dances, CandoCo Dance Company, Joe Moran and Florence Peake, among others.
Marina has extensive teaching experience in professional and educational settlings. In 2015 and 2016 she mentored young choreographers at Gati Summer Dance Residency in Delhi, India where she also performed her solo Still Going. Marina has taught professional classes and company classes both nationally and internationally. Marina regularly teaches at Independent Dance, Trinity Laban Conservatoire for Music and Dance and London Contemporary Dance School. Other institutions where she has worked include Northern School of Contemporary Dance, Central Saint Martin’s (Design for Dance Module), Centre National de Dance Contemporaine (Angers, France).