Lucia Walker

Class description | Morning Class | 7 - 11 October 2019

Seeing the world move, sensing our own movement and letting go of what restrains us from thinking, feeling and moving freely. The class will offer games, exercises and scores to encourage us to “wake up” to the present moment and to our strength, awareness and pleasure in dancing. A particular focus will be on observing the flow of our attention so we can develop a consistent quality of connection with ourselves, the dance, other people and the space


Lucia has been practicing and teaching Contact Improvisation since 1986. She first encountered the form in workshops with Steve Paxton, Nancy Stark-Smith and Kirstie Simson. In 1987 Lucia qualified as a teacher of Alexander Technique and teaches the technique to individuals, groups and on teacher training programmes in England, Germany, US and Japan and South Africa.

Lucia worked for many years with Jointwork Dance Group exploring improvised performance and continued this research with Telling Times International Theatre project. She is now based in Johannesburg. She also works on performance collaborations with other artists and dancers Attention, vitality and curiosity are central to her work as a teacher and a performer.

Lucia Walker