Lizzy LeQuesne

Class Description | Morning class | 24-28 February 2020

Skinner Releasing Technique (SRT) uses image-guided floor work and hands-on tactile participants to facilitate a deeper kinaesthetic experience of movement. Spontaneous movement evoked by imagery enables the participant to explore technical principles such as multi directional alignment, suppleness, suspension, economy and autonomy.


Lizzy Le Quesne is a dance artist with an international practise in performance, choreography, teaching and writing; for over 25 years. Her practise revolves around sensitive embodied perception, and embodied emancipation within spatial, social and cultural contexts. Her dance and movement/text/photography works are presented in various contexts from public space to art galleries, art fairs and dance festivals internationally. She has also performed with artists including Michael Klien, Rosemary Lee, Florence Peake, Ricochet Dance Productions - Wally Cardona, Jan Pusch, Carolyn Roy, Tino Sehgal, Susanna Szperling, Darlene Stevens.

A certified teacher of Skinner Releasing Technique, Lizzy teaches SRT as well as choreography and improvisation to professional dancers, dance companies and in conservatoires and universities internationally, as well as in community contexts, cultivating freedom, power, delicacy, passion and clarity in movement, and nurturing connections between the deep self, articulate body and the world. Lizzy writes and broadcasts about dance, visual art, embodiment and somatics for multiple national and international art magazines and books. Having lived and worked for several years in Prague, Lizzy is based in London and works throughout Europe and beyond.