Liz Rosenfeld

Crossing Borders 2019 | 29 October 2019 | 7-8:30pm

Autonomous Flesh; Autonomous Stone.
Unearthing Relationships to Shifting Ecologies

Laura Burns and Liz Rosenfeld

Laura Burns introduces her ongoing work with the River Wyre (Lancashire) and its river stones, a practice of communicating with the nonhuman and human ancestors, and the legacies of such immaterial or spirit labour embedded in bodies of land and bodies of flesh.
Liz Rosenfeld will discuss her creative connection to her flesh as an autonomous material, and how this relationship has informed a non-binary perspective that is not explicitly linked to gender, but rather, embodiment, shifting ecologies, and performance practices.

Together we will explore our divergent practices and approaches to ecologies, queer futurity and the nonhuman. What is the shifting role of stewardship in relation to autonomous bodies of flesh, ecologies and entanglements between? How might pedagogies of relation arise from the land and ecologies of river, stone, flesh; what might be necessary for including these voices or theories in and as a political future? What kind of resistance do ceremony and choreographies of the spirit realm perform and what kinds of problems emerge through these practices? What might lateral kinships offer as modes of performing futures not centred on humans surviving nature?


Liz Rosenfeld works across film/video, performance and discursive writing practices. She explores questions regarding the sustainability of emotional and political ecologies, cruising practice as creative and political methodology, past and future histories and the ways in which memory is queered.

Her current performance work approaches flesh as a collaborative material, and the potentiality in physical abundance and excess, specifically in regards to contemporary dance practice. Her recent filmic work is specifically looking at the reality of resistance in the face of impending apocalypse and how generational perspectives and desires are informed by and shift as a result of ecological rebellion.

Her newest expanded 360* cinema work, “White Sands Crystal Foxes,” will premiere at the Berlin Planetarium in 2020. She is also in development for her first feature film, “FOXES”. Her films/ videos are distributed by Lux Moving Image and The Video Data Bank. She lives and works in Berlin.